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Kristin Miller
Born in United States
33 years
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Cheryl Miller
At the service & hanging out with junior high friends after, I heard so many funny stories.  Shannon is right, Kris was sooooo random!  Saj had me cracking up with some story about Kris wanting to steal a horse back in 8th grade.  Of course, no one would notice lol.  My mom & I probably hold the most memories & over time it has been so nice to start remembering all the good times and the bad time are fading into the background. 

I can remember the story behind each of the pictures on here.  A whole bunch of my memories are from our summers in Missouri & Arkansas at our grandparents.  In Missouri our grandparents lived in Plato (population VERY small) and grandpa would get us sick driving the windy roads to Camdenton where they had a house boat & speed boat.  I remember them teaching us to water ski.  I got up on maybe the 3 or 4th try.  Kris....44!  She did it though.  Once, these two teenage guys, Steve & Steve, they worked the gas dock at their marina, they ask our grandparents if they could take us out miniature golfing.  Kris thought she was going to be funny & ACT like she was going to hit the ball hard.  She was in full swing & forgot to stop!  The ball well flying & knocked some lady in the face.  Thankfully she was ok because it lost speed after hitting a few things along the way lol.  If you know us, we were cracking up after we realized she was ok. I also remember us also making up dance routines in the front yard, once to Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings."

In Arkansas, they live in Eureka Springs but their house is down in the mountains off a gravel road.  IDK how many acres they have, both had I think close to 200 acres.  We'd swin in their indoor pool & walk down to the creek.  It was usually dried out but we collected rocks that eroded into different shapes.  They also took us horseback riding.  Kris' horse kept stopping to poop lol.  It was pretty funny, she wasn't too happy but I was laughing!
My list of memories is long...but I think what I'll remember most is how random you were. Hanging out with you was always fun and random. Cheri reminded me of that at your service when she handed me a copy of an old picture of me and you. You knew of a church that was having pictures taken and you decided that we were going to go and have our pictures we did. We were always doing things like real rhyme or reason...just sort of going with it. Music makes me think of you too...Oasis and Cranberries especially. Wonderwall will always make me think of you in the same way that Rebel by the Cranberries was your song to me.
I hope you finally found peace.

Kenneth Spears

Kristin was a huge light in my life from the day we met and became friends, I was her confidant and she was my sanity. We did'nt always see eye to eye but we could always count on each others honesty and the love that was between us. My sister and my best friend, I cry because you have left me to continue to stumble through this life alone, I smile because I can see and hear you say, "no sniveling allowed!". You are missed.

Heather Pompeo-Campbell
Yes pepperoni pizzas and scary movies in the basement family room......always a typical friday AND saturday night at the miller-wappel abode.

Kris was my best friend and we made lots of memories growing up. We shared lots of those mega pepperoni pizzas. Another favorite was the chicken strips and pickles at "the other place" and she'd always bring my fav chimichangas home from work. When i picture her in my head, she has that one eyebrow raised when she smiles! Kris was a fun best friend and i'll never forget her.  I miss her so much and i'll always love her.


I knew Kristin for the last 4 years. During that time she was truly making huge positive changes in her life. She worked full time while also going to college full time. She was so excited and proud to have completed her associates degree and was happy to be working on her bachelor's degree. She was proudest however of her two children, Jacob and Asia, and her time spent with them. Kristin was so happy to be able to re-establish her relationship with Jacob and grow as a mother with him and her daughter Asia. She loved playing with her children, watching them grow up and teaching them. I feel so sad that Kristin will never be able to achieve her goals and see her children grow up. I pray for peace for Kristin's family and friends. I also pray her children and family will keep her memory alive by remembering the good times with their mom, sister, daughter...

Lisa Law Aunt

A memory that I love, is the time that Kris and Cheri came to visit us in Saint Louis, and we went horseback riding.  And I know that the precious girl that was excited (and nervous) to go ride horses is resting in the glorious and loving arms of our Lord.  And there she awaits us patiently and lovingly. 

Of course I have tons of memories of Kris but I thought I'd start out light.  Anyone who knows Kris knows her LOVE of pepperoni.  She used to drive me crazy ordering xxxxxxxxpepperoni pizza from Dominos.  The grease would just drip from the bottom of the box until they learned to double box.  There had to be at least 3 complete layers of pepperoni. 
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